[Writing X Stories] Câu chuyện nhỏ #7

itin”I think I have lost him.”
“To others?”
“Kind of. He started to change. We stop sharing, caring to each other. Texting or calling just 3 – 4 times a week. He made the image of other girl as his mobile background. He started telling lies and I know it. I have tried to figure out what’s going on and proactive in our relationship. I wanna save our relationship. But maybe it doesn’t work out because love has gone.”
“Let time decide. You have tried as much as you could.”
“I think so. In time. I feel so miserable. It hurts a lot. We used to be a happy couple. We used to perfect match for each other. Now everything seem gone. So sad”
“No need to feel that. You’ve tried. It is life. Never go the way you want.”
“It’s good that finally I can forget my first love. It’s bad that finally I have to let my second love go even though I don’t want to 😞. Don’t know when my third love come. Anyway I will accept, get over and move on.”
“Wait. Your one is still at the kindergarden =))
“=)) Waiting mode is on.”

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